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Women's Bible Study


Upcoming Events

Fellowship, Flowers, & Fun

Join us for a delightful afternoon of fellowship and creativity at our upcoming women's ministry event! Embracing the beauty of community, we are excited to host a bouquet-making activity that symbolizes our heart for bringing women together. Through each chosen bloom and carefully made arrangement, each flower reflects the unique beauty of each woman's journey with God, and our collective beauty as the body of Christ. Through this event, we aim to make and strengthen connections in our Women's community with the joy of shared faith and welcome anyone to join us!

As we prepare for our bouquet-making activity, we kindly ask each lady to bring along greenery or flowers of their choice (excluding lilies, due to allergies). This thoughtful consideration ensures that everyone can fully participate in crafting their own unique bouquet.


For further information, please contact the church at (650) 345-1965 and leave a message with your info.