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Clinging to Hope in the Storm

Posted Oct 17, 2020

Dear Church Family, This seems to have been the longest year of our lives.  So much has happened in our church, our community, country and world.  If anyone had asked you last year what 2020 would bring, would you have predic... Keep Reading

What We Need Most

Posted Jun 9, 2020

Dear Church Family, I hope you are doing well! It is my prayer that you are being strengthened by the grace that is available to you in Christ Jesus! Although we are living in challenging times and many around us are fearful, stressed ... Keep Reading

Responding to Coronavirus

Posted Apr 6, 2020

As I write this, people throughout the world are reeling and in living in fear of the Coronavirus. This virus is spreading quickly and every day we learn that more, & more people have become infected. We also learn that a grow... Keep Reading

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