The governance of this church shall first and foremost rest with the entirety of Scriptures.

We Believe:
- in God, the eternally existent Creator.
- in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, our Lord.
- in the Holy Spirit, who brings His indwelling power.
- in the absolute trustworthiness of the Bible as the inspired, written word of God, that God created us for wholeness and that our sin cut us off from Him personally and His purpose.  In that state we stand without hope and are lost.
- that Jesus Christ is the only means whereby we can be saved and made whole.
- that the church is the loving, redeeming body of Christ, made up of fellow pilgrims, each member giving of his unique gift to build up the whole to the maturity and wholeness Christ came to bring.

We receive the Scriptures as our authority in matters of faith and practice. Our understanding of Christian truth, as contained therein, is in essential accord with the belief of Baptist churches but it has no statement of creed aside from the New Testament.